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Our mission is to democratize access to the world’s most valuable financial data and bring transparency to capital markets.

Having the right tools

The earliest human trade networks were developed during the Neolithic period nearly 10,000 years ago using clay tokens. Scholars believe that these clay tokens were used to express numerical quantities of goods to create trade advantages.

Four hundred years ago, Dutch merchants used telescopes to gaze at distant ships for the same reason: to track what goods they were carrying and where they were going. The difference between a merchant who had a telescope, versus a merchant who didn’t have a telescope could have held severe consequences.

Investors with a telescope in the early 1600’s held enormous advantages over those without one. The optical instrument allowed merchants to see how heavily laden the ship was. Based on how low in the water the ship was, one could make an informed guess whether a small or large quantity of goods was about to arrive in port. Merchants were able to leverage their insights and place a buy or sell order hours before anyone else.

As the world becomes more interconnected, and markets increase in complexity, we see there are two forms of people, those who have telescopes and those who do not.

Investing in the modern age

In the 21st century, the telescope for markets is a combination of fast data and artificial intelligence. An investor who can access the most relevant data at lightning speed, while leveraging AI to minimize the underlying complexity, will be difficult to beat.

For the past 20 years, Retirement Insider has sought to develop the most accessible consumer terminal with the fastest speed and the most intelligent data. Our mission is to democratize access for the world’s most valuable financial data and bring transparency to capital markets.

With the introduction of our core cloud based Terminal, we aim to bring consumers the greatest market tool ever invented. Terminal is more than just a way to access an extraordinary range of data and industry leading AI intelligence. Terminal’s unique product comes from an exceptional range of data sources, with multi-asset content that includes company and economic data, insights, analytics, and powerful AI tools that accelerate transparency and speed in capital markets.

With a touch of a button, Terminal will reveal quarterly holdings of any individual or institution controlling investments of at least $100 million. Follow billionaires, banks, trusts, and the world's smartest and most sophisticated decision makers.

At your service

If you don’t see a specific investor that you would like to follow, let our data team know and we will get to work for you! We aim to not only be the world's largest provider of financial market data but the most human. We believe the more complex our markets become, the simpler our tools should be.

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